Assisting companies to mitigate risk through the supply of drug, alcohol & hydration testing equipment and breathalyser recalibrations is only part of what we do well.

As a NATA accredited laboratory and an accredited collecting agency since 2006, our valued clients have come to rely on us for reliable well informed advice in addition to stringently tested high quality test devices and laboratory services.


Proven Drug & Alcohol Testing Experience

CMM Technology are amongst a handful of Australian workplace drug & alcohol testing providers who have been operating over 15 years. Our peers agree we truly understand our customers needs.

RTO Certified Training – Online

Qualify your personnel as accredited collectors/technicians with our convenient online program.  Our certified trainers can also attend your workplace as required.

Products & Supplies

We supply a range of quality urine & saliva drug test kits in addition to hydration & breath testing devices. Other items such as laboratory confirmation kits, testing program documentation (including Chain of Custody forms) are also available. Once your training and qualification is complete, we can supply all required equipment for your workplace program. Find out more.