Oratect XP Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device

Oratect XP Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device is based on a competitive immunoassay procedure in which drug derivatives immobilized on the membrane compete with the drug(s) which may be present in oral fluid for limited antibody binding sites on the colored colloidal gold antibody conjugate. For a quantitative result or for a confirmation of a presumptive positive result obtained by the Oratect XP Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device, a more specific alternative method such as GC/MS or LC/MS/MS must be used.

Storage: Should be stored at room temperature (15°-30°C). Do not open pouch until ready to perform the assay.

Convenient: Rapid collection and testing in one step. Results in 5 minutes.

Flexible: Designed to integrate oral fluid collection and lateral flow immunoassay screen testing for drugs-of-abuse in one single device.

Performance: Provides a built-in control band at the control region (C) to indicate that the test has performed properly.


One test strip configure of 5 drugs as per the Australian Standard AS4760.


User-friendly and non- invasive

Reduces sample adulteration or contamination.

Results in 5 minutes.

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